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In Pakistan, a growing number of individuals are discovering a fascinating avenue to boost their income – playing video games. Contrary to the conventional notion that gaming is merely a leisure activity, many online platforms now offer opportunities to earn real money while enjoying your favorite pastime. These platforms leverage blockchain technology, granting players the chance to amass cryptocurrency rewards, dollars, or cash in their local currency based on their gaming performance and dedication. In this era, where everyone yearns to make money online without substantial investments, this prospect has garnered significant attention. This article will delve into some of the most lucrative online money earning games in Pakistan that you can explore.

Online Money Earning Games In Pakistan

List of the Best Online Money Earning Games in Pakistan

  • Blocks Of Bitcoin
  • Battle Infinity
  • Gamee Prizes
  • Knight Forest
  • Big Time Cash
  • Zareklamy
  • Rummy
  • Bitcoin Pop
  • Online Poker


Best Earning Games Without Investment

1. Blocks Of Bitcoin

Bitcoin Blocks

Developed by Bling, “Bitcoin Block” is a game that has gained considerable popularity, with a rating of 4.5 out of 5. Players match blocks of the same color and merge them. To start earning money, all you need to do is sign up. However, it’s essential to note that it may take a while to accumulate enough funds to cash out. Most players typically earn a modest sum in USD, and withdrawals are often limited to once a week. Nevertheless, the option to cash out to Coinbase without incurring fees can potentially boost your earnings.

2. Battle Infinity

Battle Infinity offers an exciting blend of gaming and investment opportunities. This platform, which was predicted to be a leading metaverse platform in 2022, stands out among play-to-earn games. It integrates a virtual environment with gameplay, providing users with various benefits. With six available platforms, Battle Infinity introduces the concept of in-game assets (NFTs) related to the Premier League Metaverse. Owning and trading these NFTs can lead to unique gaming experiences and potential financial gains.

3. Gamee Prizes

For those who prefer to make money without relying on bitcoin, Gamee Prizes is an appealing option. Offering over 70 games, players can also spin the wheel for a chance to win cash prizes. Boost your chances of winning by inviting friends, climbing the leaderboard, and collecting tickets. With a Google Play Store rating of 4.2, this app is free to use and generates revenue through advertisements.

4. Knight Forest

Knight Forest is an earned-to-play game where success is achieved through completing quests and daily goals. As players progress, they encounter unique characters with special skills and attributes. The game allows you to access powerful NFTs that enhance your team’s strength, and you have the option to sell these NFTs if desired. Available on various platforms, Knight Forest utilizes MATIC, a cryptocurrency for purchasing and trading in-game assets.

5. Big Time Cash

Earn Real Money By Playing Games Without Investment In Pakistan 2023

Big Time Cash is a real money-earning game in Pakistan. It boasts a 4.4 rating on the Play Store and rewards users with a share of advertising revenue. Notably, it incorporates a “free-to-win” feature, enabling players to earn money without making any purchases. Recent updates have improved the app’s performance and reduced lag during gameplay.

6. Zareklamy

Earn Real Money By Playing Games

Zareklamy is an all-encompassing platform that allows users to earn money through various activities, including playing games, taking surveys, watching videos, browsing websites, and subscribing to newsletters. With a 4.2 rating on the Google Play Store, Zareklamy offers multiple withdrawal options, including PayPal, Payoneer, and bank transfers, with a minimum withdrawal limit of $25.

7. Rummy

Rummy, a classic card game, has found its way into the online gaming scene. Numerous apps and websites offer an authentic rummy experience, allowing players to win money through skill-based competitions. These platforms offer features that enhance gameplay and ensure a secure gaming environment.

8. Bitcoin Pop

Bitcoin Pop

Another offering from the creators of Bling, Bitcoin Pop is a bubble-shooting game that allows players to earn bitcoin. By signing up for free, players can accumulate “bling points” and convert them into bitcoin. While it may take time to accumulate a substantial amount, consistent gameplay can result in higher earnings.

9. Online Poker

Best Earning Games Without Investment

Similar to Rummy, online poker has gained popularity among players in Pakistan. Players can participate in various poker games and tournaments, betting on their skills to win money. Many well-known poker platforms offer a variety of games and competitions.


While these apps and games provide opportunities to make money online in Pakistan, it’s important to note that they require dedication and consistent effort to see significant returns. Quick riches are unlikely, as earning substantial amounts may take time. The key is to invest time and effort into these platforms regularly if you aim to generate a significant supplemental income. offers in-depth guidance on how to make money playing games in Pakistan without upfront investments, as long as you are willing to commit time and effort to the endeavor. So, if you’re looking to boost your income while indulging in your favorite games, these platforms might be worth exploring.

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